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caulk failure along window sill

Caulk Failure

Over time some caulks will fail by drying out. It causes them to lose their flexibility and or break their contact adhesion with the surface. It will result in gaps and cracks where moisture can enter.

Caulk failure can be caused by using a lower quality caulk, improper surface preparation, or picking the wrong caulk for the job. Lower quality caulk dries out too rapidly and doesn't provide customers with the length of protection they were hoping for. Surfaces must be properly cleaned and prepared or even the correct caulk won't adhere. Different caulks are made to adhere to different surfaces, so using the wrong caulk can cause adhesion problems that eventually leave gaps.

Flawless Painting has the expertise to fix and prevent all caulking problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

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paint cracking and flaking

Cracking and Flaking

Over time paint can crack and flake revealing the surface underneath. It starts as hairline cracks and eventually flakes off as chips.

Cracking and flaking can be caused by a number of things. The two leading causes are low quality paint and applying the paint too thinly. Low quality paints just don't adhere well and are not flexible enough to change with the temperature. Thin paint will have weak areas which will also have flexibility problems.

Another cause is poor surface preparation. Not cleaning the surface or skipping the primer on bare wood will lead to cracking and flaking.

Flawless Painting takes the extra steps to do things right. We can fix any cracking or flaking problem, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Bengamim Moore Natura Paint

Go Green with Zero VOC Paint

Flawless painting is very concerned about avoiding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are the chemicals you smell while painting and during the drying period. The fewer VOCs a paint contains the fewer chemicals a person is exposed to. Common VOCs include benzene, ethylene glycol, vinyl chloride, and mercury. These chemicals can be harmful to humans, cause poor indoor air quality, and even smog.

Zero and low VOC paints are not as problematic with respiratory ailments and allergies as regular paints. Flawless Painting perfers to use quality brand zero VOC paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams for durable long lasting coverage.

More Information - Green Life: Picking an eco-friendly paint, Overview on Zero VOC and Interior Paint

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mildew on wall


Mildew likes to form in dark damp areas. Wherever moisture leaks in or condenses you can end up with problems. It is important to address mildew situations before they become health issues.

Mildew can result from using a lower quality paint if it doesn't contain enough mildewcide. Wood surfaces must be properly primed or moisture can get underneath and mildew will begin to grow. Painting over mildew will not kill it and it will continue to grow.

Flawless Painting knows how to kill mildew and prevent its return, don't hesitate to contact us.

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mildew on wall

Paint Sagging

Paint sagging is the drooping of paint as it slides down a surface.

Sagging can result from excessive paint application, a poor painting environment, or paint that is too thin. Sometimes people try to save time and apply one thick coat rather than two regular coats. The extra weight of a thick coat can cause it to sag. Painting when it is too humid or cool can also cause the paint to sag. Paint that has been thinned too much will cause runs and sags.

Flawless Painting can repair sags and make sure they do not happen at your home. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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